The Food & Drink Guide recipe vault offers a melting pot of flavours from Antigua & Barbuda. The recipes capture the essence of modern Caribbean cuisine, but also reflect the multicultural personality and diverse foods presented by the islands’ restaurants, resorts, chefs and merchants. Our recipes and cocktails are provided by the many talented on-island professionals.



9X9byNine – Photographic Culinary Prints

by Char B Werth

Char B Werth is a self professed “lifestyle maven and designer” who has shared her design skills with many people in Antigua and the US.

Rosmac's Herb Garden

Rosmac’s Herb Garden

by Madeleine Jardim McComas and Jennifer Maynard
Address:Rosemac’s Herb Garden, Johnson’s Point, St.Mary’s, Antigua
Mobile:(268)462-8216 or (268)729-0242

The garden is an example of an established agritourism enterprise that preserves the tradition of growing and preparing home remedies.

Island Gourmet Boutique

A Caribbean Journey in One Store – Island Gourmet Boutique

Address:No.1 Redcliffe Quay, Redcliffe Street, St. John’s Antigua
Mobile: (268) 734 2080

Less of a store, and more of a hedonistic celebration of culinary inspiration, artisanal pride and spirited entrepreneurialism, Island Gourmet Boutique will introduce you to the genuine flavours of the Caribbean.

Spanish & Portuguese Wines With Caribbean Cuisine

Cross Cultural Exchanges

By Lisa Farara and Madeleine McComas
Address: Quin Farara & Co. Ltd. Village Walk St. Johns, Antigua
Mobile: (268) 462-3197

The many faceted cuisine of Spain and the food of the Caribbean islands have many things in common, not least the
abundance of fish and seafood, rice, and roasted meats that one finds in both cultures. It is not surprising, therefore, that the wines of Spain can be served as the perfect complement to many Caribbean dishes.

Colesome Farmers Market Antigua

Colesome Farmers Market

Hours of operation: Mon-Sat: 7am-7pm. Sun: 7am-2pm
Address: Jonas Road, St. Peter’s, Antigua
Mobile: 268-782-0150 or 268-560-7861

Farmers market are one of the oldest forms of direct marketing used by small farmers across the world. Shopping at a farmers market is a great way to meet local farmers and get fresh, flavourful produce.

Tutor and Private Chef Kahyeme Benjamin

Antigua & Barbuda Chef profile

Tutor and Private Chef Kahyeme Benjamin Antigua & Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute

Kahyeme Benjamin is not only a local celebrity chef in his own right, but he is a dedicated educator who passionately raises the aspirations of his culinary arts students at the ABHTI.