A delicious design from Antigua & Barbuda was the winning ingredient for our beautifully illustrated coffee table cookbook and guide. Tablemanners: A Culinary Review of Hospitality in Antigua & Barbuda, features recipes from the annual Mango Festival, the islands chefs, bartenders, hotels, restaurants, bars and professionals from within the culinary industry.


Between the covers Tablemanners discover a retrospective culinary read of the current gastronomic landscape in Antigua & Barbuda. It is both a cookbook and a guide, featuring some of the most stunning and innovative food and drink recipes developed by professional chefs and bartenders on both islands. Every recipe and article is accompanied by exclusive photography that illustrates the beauty of the island’s gastronomic offerings.
The stimulating editorial works chronicle the annual Mango Festival and Mango Pineapple Chefs Competition. Some other features include chef profiles, roadside cook-ups in Barbuda, the importance of agro-processing products to the economy and you can also discover the origins of our world-class rums. Creative wine pairing adds an extra dimension matchmaking international wine with recipes. There is also an informative guide to the island’s restaurants, bars and purveyors with descriptive profiles for many and a useful directory of recommended services and specialist providers.
From fine dining Caribbean style at the best resorts to sampling Antiguan rum at a rustic rum shop, the book is a review of our culinary progression over the last seven years.

Tablemanners has been reviewed by celebrated Caribbean culinary author Cynthia Nelson on her popular Tastes Like Home blog where you can read her review. You may also read Chris De La Rosa’s glowing review here on his CaribbeanPot.com website.

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2nd Edition Reprint Tablemanners: A Culinary Review of Hospitality in Antigua & Barbuda

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