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Welcome to Carmichael’s at the Sugar Ridge resort.
To say that the sunset scenes from Carmichael’s restaurant are sensational would be an understatement. The commanding ridge-top position is second to no other restaurant in Antigua and there are views literally everywhere you look.
Carmichael’s offers fine dining with a magnificent view that overlooks the entire resort, Jolly Harbour Marina and as far out to sea as Antigua’s neighbouring islands of Redonda, Montserrat and St. Kitts & Nevis. The alfresco restaurant was designed to ensure diners fully appreciate the landscape from every angle.
Adding to these stunning surroundings is the equally beautiful food served by the Executive Chef. The delicate presentations served intensify the anticipation to sample each dish. The taste will not disappoint.
Carmichael’s offers fusion dishes where the Caribbean meets and greets different continents. Cleverly devised menus take full advantage of the changing seasonal produce and the fresh catch delivered by local fishermen.
Service is unbeatable under the watchful and attentive eye of Restaurant Manager Clifford Haynes. His charming welcome is only the beginning of your memorable dining experience. With his excellent bar and wine knowledge, Clifford will perfectly match your drinks to complement your meal.
Adjacent to the restaurant’s bar, guests may take time out to linger in or around the shimmering infinity pool. It is the perfect pre-dinner setting to sip an authentic Caribbean cocktail whilst reminiscing on your day in paradise. Sipping your cocktail you will begin to realize just what the Caribbean really is all about.
Announce your arrival at the Sugar Ridge Hotel reception and you will be escorted by shuttle to Carmichael’s.
Seeing is believing…quite literally Carmichael’s has the most spectacular restaurant view in Antigua & Barbuda.
Table reservations are recommended.
Open year round.