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Recipe by Health Coach Kerry Werth

Breadfruit is rich in fibre and research shows that regular intake can reduce the risk of diabetes and keeps it under control.


1 medium sized very ripe breadfruit
1-2 small sweet ripe plantains
Raw organic coconut oil
Pinch of Ceylon cinnamon
Dash of vanilla


Cut breadfruit open and scrape the yellowish-white fruit into a blender. Add 1-2 small sweet ripe plantains. Add a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla. Blend in blender until smooth. Heat a little coconut oil in non-stick pan to high heat. With a ladle, scoop a small amount of the batter mixture into the pan. They don’t take long to cook at all. Wait until the bottom is golden brown then flip. (You can actually make this with just breadfruit if that’s all you have.The plantains make it a little sweeter and a little gooier.)

breadfruit pancake recipe

fresh breadfruit for this easy and healthy pancake recipe


Breadfruit is rich in fiber and research shows that regular intake can reduce the risk of diabetes and keeps it under control.Being rich in fibre, breadfruit is an excellent energy booster. It gives the fullness of eating without increasing the calorie intake. This fruit is also good at reducing the risk of heart disorder and cholesterol problems. Studies show that breadfruit helps to reduce bad cholesterol. Breadfruit is a rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Besides being beneficial for skin and hair, these two essential fatty acids are quite good for maintaining a healthy heart. Regular intake of breadfruit is also beneficial for properly functioning intestines.

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