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Tutor and Private Chef Kahyeme Benjamin Antigua & Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute

Kahyeme Benjamin is not only a local celebrity chef in his own right, but he is a dedicated educator who passionately raises the aspirations of his culinary arts students at the ABHTI.

His limitless potential to motivate and influence students by making time to develop not only their cooking skills, but their people and life skills has not gone unnoticed.Kahyeme absorbed his initial culinary skills by watching, learning, tasting and cooking with his mother Geraldine Benjamin and his father Bernard “Smokey” Benjamin. He also studied basic cookery at the ABHTI when he left school, so he understands the importance of capturing the imagination of the young to foster a spirit of teamwork and dedication. His students speak highly of his teaching skills and his stimulating approach to their training.

Apart from his teaching commitments, Kahyeme is a private chef at Jumby Bay. He is also fond of showing his skills in competitions. During studying for his culinary arts degree at The Arts Institute of Atlanta he entered the Annual Alouette cheese competition where he placed 2nd out of almost 100 participants.

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In 2012, he participated in Antigua’s Smoking Hot BBQ Challenge; again he emerged victorious with Team Soul Food being declared the overall winners of the event. They were then given the honour of representing Antigua & Barbuda at the 5th annual Cattlemen Caribbean BBQ Competition which was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Team Soul Food again won big, winning a gold medal for best tasting BBQ sauce. Leading by example is a great way to showcase your passion and nurture up and coming culinary stars – Chef Kahyeme keeps his students inspired and excellence in education is upheld.

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