Antiguan Black (Moist) Fruit Cake

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Denise Stamers Doherty is by no means ‘new’ to the business of baking. She produces fine Antiguan Black (moist) Fruit Cakes in beautiful 4oz. gift packages, available at all fine supermarkets, hotel gift shops, Liquor shops in Heritage Quay and at duty free outlets in V.C. Bird Airport. Denise also makes elaborate wedding and special occasion cakes, using her Antiguan family recipe. Her cakes are made with dried fruits, spices, local rum and wine. The shelf life of these cakes is indefinite as the rum, wine and vacuum packaging helps preserve them. Denise’s cakes make great gifts for your dinner hosts, loved ones, souvenirs for the traveller, or simply eaten as a sweet treat. So enjoy the taste of Denise’s secret family recipe!